Monday, September 16, 2013

Talking The Weekend That Was In Sports

Pretty interesting, for a variety of reasons. First off, let's talk what was once the most popular sport in America, if not the entire world. Floyd Mayweather knocked down his latest tomato can, Canelo Alvarez. To me the most interesting thing I took from it was that despite every media report saying that Mayweather utterly dominated his opponent, one of the fight's judges scored it a draw. Do we need any more reason to believe know that boxing is utterly corrupt?

And Mayweather himself is no better. He ducked Manny Pacquiao just long enough for Pacquiao's skills to erode, using every excuse he can think of to avoid what would've been the biggest fight in a generation or more. And if you paid for "The One", you're to blame as well, because you plunked down $75 to watch Mayweather bob and weave, and every once in a while hit a man whose nickname means cinnamon. I wouldn't dare question Mayweather's skills, and I'll be more than happy to agree with the boxing cognoscenti that Mayweather is easily the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. But this is a guy who chose to 'fight' The Big Show over Manny Pacquiao - can you really take him seriously?

Two of my favorite punching bags intersected as fans of the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars held a rally in the parking lot of their stadium to demand the team sign  the equally hapless Tim Tebow. Twenty people showed up, while thirty people were there to cover the 'event'. This proves two things. The first bieng that America loves the NFL just that much, and the second being that Jacksonville doesn't love the NFL just that much. Which is also why the Jags will probably be playing their home games in Los Angeles or London in the very near future.

There might be more later, but I'd rather go kill Orcs and Khajiit in Skyrim.

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